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Delhi Government Delinks Aadhaar from Social Welfare Pension Schemes

Delhi Government Delinks Aadhaar from Social Welfare Pension Schemes

31st July 2018 – On Tuesday, the Delhi Cabinet endorsed Social Welfare Department's proposition to delink Aadhaar from Social Welfare Pension Schemes. On Twitter, the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that the choice was taken on the grounds that many individuals were enduring because of the powerlessness of banks to connect Aadhaar with financial balances.

In a similar bureau meeting, led by Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, it was chosen that the Social Welfare Department will transmit all benefits ceased because of the absence of Aadhaar. According to certain media reports, in April 2018, around 4.18 lakh recipients who were getting annuities at old rates have profited by the bureau's choice. To downlaod Aadhar card visit here

In March, the SC had scrutinized the obligatory utilization of Aadhaar for illustration annuities by resigned state workers. At that point, the peak court had said that the benefits was not an endowment but rather a privilege under social plans. In 2016, despite the fact that the Cabinet had chosen not to make Aadhaar required for settlement of annuity, the improved benefits was ordered to be offered just to recipients with Aadhaar-connected ledgers. According to certain media reports, around 43,000 seniority and handicap retired people were unfit to profit advantage of upgraded annuity because of fundamental issues of the banks and additionally office.

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